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Tax Credit for Charitable Giving


The Charitable Crisis:

As early as November of 2001, President Bush noted that America's charities faced a crisis:  Increased need with diminished resources.

Although individual generosity is evident everywhere, thousands of our Nation's charities, paradoxically, have been suffering.  Donations to organizations not directly involved in [September 11] disaster relief have declined dramatically.  Soup kitchens are low on food.  Mentoring programs for needy children are low on dollars.  - President George W. Bush 11/12/2001

Our Mission - Charity Tax Credit Bill

It is time to offer some new solutions for many of our old problems.  We must return to each local community the responsibility and duty of being a good citizen.  When this occurs, we allow the taxpayer direct contact with the people who receive their tax dollars.  No one feels good about writing a check to the IRS

The government prevents the taxpayer form having the satisfaction of helping others.

This is the idea:  A bill that allows a "tax credit" up to 10% of your tax obligation for contributions to any exempt 501C(3) organization and allows a dollar tax credit for each dollar donated.  It will be a non-refundable tax credit. 

This credit cannot reduce the tax owed to below zero.

This is not a tax cut. 

The people will have the opportunity to send10% of their tax obligation to the IRS or their favorite charity.  It is that simple!


    1.    Provide more help to the most needy in our communities.

    2.    The taxpayers will decide for themselves where to spend their own money and what is in their own best interest.

    3.    Stop discrimination between the rich and the middle class.

    4.    This bill will encourage more volunteers.

    5.    More services will be taken over by local organizations.  This will create more jobs in the private sector.

    6.    The economy will be stimulated.

    7.    This bill will have a positive effect on the attitude of both the taxpayer an the recipient.


In summary, this federal bill is fair to all concerned and will benefit people of all economic standards.  This bill is the right thing to do and is just good common sense.

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